Funky Ink is your destination for a flawless and natural temporary tattoo. With jagua gel, you can design and style the tattoo of your choice wherever on your body, no commitment needed!

This is the solution for anyone looking to get a real tattoo but are having second thoughts. With Funky Ink, anytime you want to whip up a cool tattoo on your body or your friends, you can! Get our complete starter kit NOW and have fun tattooing!

Order Jagua Gel

Starter Kit

  • 1 ounce jagua gel bottle
  • Jagua gel after care
  • Bottle applicator
  • Cost 95$

Complete Kit

  • 1 ounce jagua gel bottle
  • Jagua gel after care
  • Bottle applicator
  • Stencils (1 full page of butterflies, tribal designs, Chinese symbols, instruments and zodiac signs.)
  • Body cream to apply stencils
  • 1 pair of latex free gloves
  • Cost 120$

Custom kit is also available; please contact us by email at for more info.

How to apply your tattoo:

  • Cut the design from stencil sheet.
  • Apply a little bit of stencil cream onto the area of skin being tattooed.
  • Apply the stencil to the skin. Leave it on for 10 seconds then remove it, you should have your design transferred on your skin.
  • Then, your ready to apply the jagua gel over your design.
  • Wait till its fully dry then remove the dry gel.
  • Wait another 12-24 hours for the tattoo to appear.
  • Often apply aftercare to tattoo to prolong its wear.


All orders need to be placed by phone at 514.463.4238 or by email at We accept Paypal and credit card payments. Pick up is also available in Montreal, Laval and the surroundings. Contact us before placing your order to schedule a time and place.

Shipping fee

We offer a $14.99 flat rate shipping to Canada and the United States. For shipping internationally, please contact us at prior to placing your order so we can confirm final shipping cost.